6 Tips for a Quick and Easy Mortgage

Westport Mortgage has been in business since 1996 which means we have lots of experience in closing loans. We’ve learned from our experiences and would love to share what makes for a smooth loan process. Please read the following tips so YOUR loan could also close smoothly.


If you are in the market to buy a house, PLEASE reach out to us first! Let us review your finances so you can become pre-qualified. This way, your realtor will show you only homes you are qualified to purchase. Your realtor may not even agree to show you homes UNTIL they have a pre-qualification letter from a mortgage broker. Also, when you want to put in an offer, time is of the essence and offers are typically presented with a pre-qual letter! In a hot market, buyers can find themselves in a multiple bid situation. Including a prequalification letter from a trusted mortgage company can sway the seller in your favor.

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