Lisa Abassi

Lisa Abassi

Mortgage Processor

203-221-8242 ext: 105

Lisa brings 30 years of experience to Westport Mortgage. She enjoys working with customers and making the call to tell her clients that their mortgage has been approved!

I started working for Westport Mortgage in November of 2013. I bring 30 years of experience as a Mortgage Processor.  I’m originally from Norwalk CT and  transplanted to Fort Lauderdale, Fl. Now life’s journey has brought me back to Woodbury Connecticut.  The joy of processing, for me, is knowing that I have the ability to make a borrower happy, whether it’s a first time homebuyer or a more experienced buyer, the joy of hearing the borrower’s excitement when I tell them they are approved makes everything worthwhile.

I enjoy being a mother and watching my daughter go through all of her own journeys. In my spare time I enjoy a delicious dinner out, preferably Italian, and a really good Romantic Comedy, a nice glass of wine doesn’t hurt either.